Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zip Line Fun

A is an adrenaline nut.... She loves the rope course and zip line.


Bed of Nails

More Birthday Pictures

Some Ohio Pictures

Blast from the past- my friend Jessica from high school. Great seeing her again.

Dinner with Pop & Mimi



Strawberry picking in Skaneatleles

Giga feet

Sweet A

Birthday cupcake for mommy

Pics from Ohio Trip


D graduated from level 1swim class to level 2! Congratulations D- great swimming-proud of you.

Swim class- A is in front!

D loves Legos & Mimi

Ohio Pictures

Frozen Princess with Aunt Shell & Aunt Amy

Hot Tub

Carillon Park -Opa & Mimi



S'mores & Vines

Aunt Shell, D and Uncle Jason roast marshmallows

Uncle Jason shares his roasting tips


A & Aunt Amy

We love Mimi

Vine Family



Aunt Shell

Uncle Jason

Aunt Amy

More pictures from Ohio

Cash Register Man

Boxcar Girl

Train Man

Pool Guy

Fun with MJ

Friends from Mason, Ohio

A's preschool good friend and penpal from Mason,Ohio... Elsa!

The Holidays- our "across the street" neighbors!

Supermom Laura

Anthony Lane neighbors -Katie

Our old Mason, Ohio neighbors "the Rogges".

Random Pictures From Ohio

D & A at the Beavercreek library.

D wears Uncle Hans old work hat to the library. Looks good on him- fits well.

Aunt Shell gave A her cabbage patch doll from her childhood!!! Wow.

A plays wii and D ride a horse

Pool fun at grandma & opas house